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08-06-2009, 04:57 AM
so, i kinda have a modeling blockade and am fiddling around with the "older stuff" because i want it finished and ingame, before i start some more complicated models. basically, i have this lifesavers going on, not knowing if someone might put it to use :D
so i thought, before finishing i shall post it to see if there's any interest in getting these pieces done :)

Sgt Frag
08-06-2009, 11:53 AM
I like the round ones. The bottom ones are too modern imo.

08-09-2009, 09:56 AM
oke, i guess in the existing tf-scenarios there shall not be a place for the lifesavers. what about this raygun addition, then :)
this was my first model trying to get the hang of the tf2-model-style. so i heavily looked at the original raygun model, as you can obviously tell. so i don't know if it shall be worth finishing this model, although the major similarities :o
anyways, i'll leave it up to you guys, to judge


08-09-2009, 10:10 AM
Thats a pretty damn good start however I think you've gone too cartoony with it, at very minimum get some of the charictaristic TF2 brushtrokes in on your texture.

08-09-2009, 10:25 AM
um, i thought i could change the threadname, when changing the thread title :D
didn't work at all ^^
thanks for your post, Youme. it's just colored polygons so far, though. since it's a rather big object for me to unwrap, i just colored it for a first wip posting :)
texture wise i want to orientate on the original raygun, so i have that texture right in front of me :)

08-09-2009, 11:12 AM
The model itself looks awesome, it's the texturing that needs to be touched up for TF2-ish effect.

I like the lifesavers but I can't think of any situations I'd use them in, simply because there isn't really a beach-ish theme going with TF2...which is kinda surprising because I bet someone could easily make that with clever use of the desert theme. I'm sure they'd be handy to someone, though.

08-09-2009, 03:00 PM
The lifesavers could probably be used on ctf_cruise. You'd have to ask the author of that map though. There's also another map, cp_pacyfik (If I remember the spelling) that is based largely around water that might be able to use it as well.

08-09-2009, 03:55 PM
i would definately use the rings for premuda to round out the island-feeling

i vote yes

08-09-2009, 05:15 PM
I'm using a lifesaver model for my level cp_waterlogged. I have not released any of the assets yet. I suppose I could be convinced if people want them.


08-10-2009, 05:13 PM
shameless thread hijacking, chickenlover :p

anyways, finished my models, compiled and ingame - at least in the model viewer !
hope you guys like it. i'll test ingame size and upload final model tomorrow morning.


08-10-2009, 05:37 PM
The only thing is that i'm using custom lifesavers that velvetfistironglove made for me already in ctf_cruise, and the non-round ones seem too "modern" to use in the map.

08-11-2009, 03:40 AM
@Narkissus: man, i just found out about your map project ! the lifesaver models you use are really nice !

yupidu, I'm finished !
i added some phong lines to the materials, so the lifesafers are glossy-glossy :o
i tried to keep it subtle :)
So here you go, hopefully final release of the models. If the size should be "wrong" to you, just tell me, what you think would suit better. I hope someone can use this model as a nice detail prop :)


The Political Gamer
08-11-2009, 03:44 AM
Cool I will use these for sure, but could you make a neutral one also?

08-11-2009, 03:46 AM
hm, what color would the neutral one have ?
orange ?

edit: oke, really fast changearound ^^
like that ?

08-11-2009, 10:19 AM
shameless thread hijacking, chickenlover :p

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack. I was just pointing out that I had one finished since you were talking about interest to finish yours. Now there are at least three different models for a lifesaver. The more the better I guess. ;)

08-11-2009, 10:43 AM
Just a bit of a fix for a smidgen of dirty texture, these life savers should of been in the swamp pack.

08-11-2009, 12:44 PM
@ChickenLover: yah, i was just kidding. i always love to look at other people's way of doing things and saving screenshots for inspiration in my reference-folder :)
like you said, the more variations, the better !

Alright, the download-link changed since i have included the neutral version as well. i think next time, i'm gonna go straightforward with 3 skin versions :D



08-22-2009, 04:06 AM
thx, will implement them in A7


10-09-2009, 11:22 AM
Just realized I could use something like this for my river boat in bayou and will be including them. Thanks for making this Acumen!

10-09-2009, 04:12 PM
Release two different neutral skins. One in gray, and one in orange.

10-10-2009, 01:36 PM
that's cool to hear, Chaopsychochick. been checking your thread out every once in a while and love the progress so far !

Nerdboy, as kindly as your request sounds, i don't think i really grasp it :D
the orange skin was released already (?) and a gray skin was something i was actually thinking about, but it just looked wrong ingame. i just never saw a gray/black lifesaver in real life and therefore thought orange would be just the most fitting solution since the gray one would only fit on a sea funeral, imo. i don't know, it looks just depressing and not fitting in the tf2 world on this particular model - while i sure know that grey is otherwise THE neutral color in the tf2world. i see this model as a possibility for mappers to give a rather flat colored section a tiny color spot, so i hope you can understand my point of view.
if 100 people should demand one, though, i might be pressed to release another revision ! :)

09-27-2010, 04:02 PM
Good job!I think there should be green and purple life savers as well,because red+blue = purple and green is a bluish color and orange is a reddish color.I can picture gray in my mind and i agree with you on gray.

09-27-2010, 05:39 PM

This thread hasn't been posted in for a year.

09-27-2010, 06:23 PM
In 13 days it won't have been posted in for a year.

Grim Tuesday
09-27-2010, 06:26 PM
...so lets bump it until then!

09-27-2010, 06:40 PM
I think it's about time for a mod queue on someone...

09-28-2010, 06:26 AM
I'm glad it was bumped. Permission to use the rounded ones in pl_swamplands?