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by Ezekel on 08-20-2009
by Ezekel on 08-20-2009
by Ezekel on 08-20-2009
by Ezekel on 08-20-2009
by Ezekel on 08-20-2009
by Ezekel on 08-20-2009


Author: Ezekel (Uploaded by Ezekel)
Date Added: 05-04-2009
Downloads: 345
File Name: pl_rivercrossing_rc2a (8.29 MB)
Grade: A


River Crossing RC2a
Back and forth across the river

now available in Red Cranberry RC (release candidate) flavour!

So basically what we have here is a single stage (badwater-esque) payload map.
those who are thinking it, your right it is another alpine payload map, but there is a twist. (come on, when do I make a map without a twist?)
This time the twist is a twisting river going through the middle of the map. Don't worry though, as there are bridges to get that bomb across the river and give red their explosive-present

the bomb cart is escorted across a river 2 times on it's way to destroy a convoy train being loaded so it can supply a secret rocket base out in the forest.


- fixed a minor bug with one of the areaportals.

- added hatstands to spawnrooms.(model by acumen: )
- changed the clipping for the bridges to prevent people getting stuck against the model when underneath it.
- added a new tf2-style texture to the "hl2-style" log piles.
- redid the areaportals/optimisations/etc to hopefully cure the low fps that some people report getting.
- added clipping on rocks where people reported getting stuck.
- added a few row boats to the map (from the swamp pack).

- repositioned the sign at point B to stop people getting trapped between it and the tyre pile.
- removed the ammo pack from the shelter at point B.
- fixed an asthetic bug with a couple of doors.
- made sure all bottles are prop_physics_multiplayer instead of prop_static.
- added a few more windows and props here and there.

- moved 1st and 2nd points further back slightly (roughly 200 units)
- changed unlocking of forward spawn to happen when point D is captured (instead of point C)
- added addition cover around point B.
- beer bottle models are now prop_physics_multiplayer instead of prop_static.
- more details and props

- changed textures on some places
- added more detailing
- fixed red final spawn order
- nudged the falling arrow so it doesn't land face up
- added smoke effect on bombcart's chimney
- you can now shoot through the concrete pipes

- displacement tweaking near blu forward spawn
- setup time reduced by 15 seconds (now 75 seconds)
- given red a forward spawn for points 1 and 2, cutting travel distance by roughly 1600units
- swapped the doors around in the ARK building to prevent blu team rushing through it en-masse when attacking the last point
- reduced sightlines slightly for the aki acre's sniper nest
- rearranged red's rear spawn slightly to encourage people to use the upstairs exit slightly more often
- removed redundant exit to red spawn
- removed some arrows that i considered redundant, or incorrect in light of other changes
- fixed bug where the flying exploded barrels were not flying out when the bomb detonated
- added more props/details around the map
- added no-builds just outside the upstairs doors of the ARK building to prevent overly powerful sentry positions
- made one of the upstairs doors of the ARK building 2way, and prevented people being trapped by the other one closing on them.
- on the final point the bomb must now be pushed right to the edge before the attackers win.
- given each point a name instead of "cp1" etc.
- fixed a bug where the bomb would get stuck on the ramp near the end when retreating.

- general tidying up (aligning textures, floating props, etc)
- made the red shortcut path lock out on cp2 being captured instead of cp3 as intended
- added a path from near the fuel tanker, back up to the final area.
- added more arrows to direct red out of the final area
- locked the side exit to red spawn until cp4 is taken to help guide red players to the front line
- added details to the buildings around the final area
- added bannisters to some paths to help guide players
- added some objects near the river platform near the 1st bridge to make it more accessible.


- binski logging building has had the area around it changed to allow a flanking path around the side of the building
- moved redspawn back, changed the old redspawn into a flanking option for blue, using 1-way doors, and a shortcut to front lines for red for early 1/2 of the map.
- changed some brush/detail work around the final area, particularly above and around the train tracks
- blue forward spawn now unlocks when bridge is capped, and red loses the direct path to the front line at the same time.
- changed some func_detail brushwork between cp1 and cp2
- moved the final path_track to ensure the bomb doesn't get caught on the track scaffolding at the end of map
- removed the playerclip on the "orange-chute" shed/building
- fixed a brush alignment error in the blue start spawn
- aki acre roof had an overhang that could be stood on
- fixed a clipping issue on the corner stairs around the building near cp4


- more health packs around the map now
- players can no longer stand on the ridge of the windows on the bridge above the 1st point
- fixed a bug on the end of the track, where the bomb would get caught against an invisible brush and not explode.
- changed red lower doors and blu forward spawn door, to be no-draw instead of no-render metal
- added visual cue for red's A-B door being locked after B is taken
- added a sign to point blu up river when cp3 is taken
- roof of small building in corner near 1st point should now have correct clipping to allow people to shoot through the hole in the back.
- disabled shadows on the roof of the same building to fix lighting issues.
- player clipping border has been reworked.
- added more cover for area between bridge point and pen-ultimate point
- reduced speed of payload rollback to match the speeds found on valve payload maps
- fixed bug on upper red spawn door causing it to open on touch
- rising signs have gotten better lighting
- prevented being able to build a teleporter inside of the boarded up shed
- replaced the wood support models with func_detail brushes around the train tracks
- crane in final area has been playerclipped to stop demoman abuse
- crane in final area has had shadows disabled
- scaled up water to 0.5


- explosion doesn't trigger


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