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Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011
Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011
Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011
Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011
Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011
Koth Aperture Science
by Motanum on 02-25-2011


Author: Eugenio "Motanum" Roman (Uploaded by Motanum)
Date Added: 02-25-2011
Downloads: 44648
File Name: Koth Aperture Science (34.33 MB)
Grade: A+


Koth Aperture Science is the milestone the work of 3 months with the knowledge of 2 years in hammer! I believe it is the Good bye our precious Portal 1 deserve, a game to remember, in TF2.
In koth Aperture Science Red and Blu will fight for the Hand Held Portal Gun Technology. I know, it is too early to be canon for either TF2 or Portal (Even Half-Life) but I thought it was a neat cross over.
I’ve seen many people jump into making Portal 2 style maps, but as I mentioned, this map is a result of portal 2 hype, but nonetheless, an appreciation for Portal. Thus, this is my best work so far. I was very picky and I think I did a fair job, with many feature to celebrate the power of TF2 and the beauty of Portal.

Red are already inside Aperture Science, they spawn near GLaDOS room. They try to gain and hold the control point for 3 minutes. Blue spawn outside, in a helicopter area and they also try to gain control.
The design of the map is not symmetrical, kind of. It is designed so players tend to flow in one direction, like a spiral. It is possible to rocket or triple jump and travel against the flow. This flow will make players keep an eye behind them, and also a good area to defend.
The map also contains 2 strategic points. If you simply walk over the “console” the light will turn green, enabling players through, either by a stairway or by removing fizzlers. These are not critical to winning the game, but do provide an advantage regarding flow of players.
Fizzlers block players, but allow players to see and shoot through. (Bullets travel to fast, so they hit even if they are being emancipated, I think)
There 3 static pair of portals, one per test chamber. You can portal through this, but these stay fixed. Only players can travel through, not bullets or grenades or physics objects.

-A spiral design, so map flows in one direction. Keep an eye for your back!
-It’s a portal themed map for TF2!
-HDR! It looks beautiful!
-Original Particles!
-Original Textures!
-Original Models!
-Custom Textures!
-A deteailed world!
-Strategic points.
-Observe from observation rooms while you are waiting for respawn
-Valve’s default settings for Koth maps.
-A High quality map!
-Did I mention that it’s a portal themed map! For TF2!

Update 19/March/2011
-Fixed acid's particles, it now acts like water, still looks like acid
-Changed distance needed for blue to travel to CP
-Added some signs about the battlement
-Changed Blue's BTS secret area to be shorter and to allow travel in 2 directions.
-Changed Secret BTS doors, it has portal's door
-Secret BTS doors now close or open depending on the hill's owner. Note, only one will close so players do not get stucked inside.
-Added custom signs to the place where health and ammo kits lay.

Old Updates
-Fixed the materials of particles, map is now as it should be!

I hope you guys like this map as much as I do. Unfortunately it is not compatible with bots, because they are idiots when it comes to moving. I would appreciate your support, as my dream is to be publish by Valve, and with the donations I would get a better pc to make better bigger maps, I am kind of stucked on a laptop right now.
Eugenio “Motanum” Roman
Join my fan page!
Find me at
Or contact me at
Thanks to Groxkiller545 for his support in testing and advice!
Thanks to VALVe for making an epic game we all love and never want to remember!
Thanks everyone!


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