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dm minecraft skyloft
by umkemesik on 11-03-2012
dm minecraft skyloft
by umkemesik on 11-03-2012


Author: umkemesik (Uploaded by umkemesik)
Date Added: 11-03-2012
Downloads: 549
File Name: dm minecraft skyloft (40.03 MB)
Grade: A+


Skyloft Minecraft, on my TF2? It’s more likely than you think. Hunger Games is proud to present this blend of Minecraft-Nintendo-TF2


Music room with 5 Zelda tracks

Nether World with Headless Horseman / Monoculous (On 5 minute Timer)

Game Room (Match Game inside Waterfall behind temple)

Blimp ride w/ bomb detonation (Beetle’s Airship)

Loot Island

YOU WILL NEED THE .NAV FILE TO MAKE HHH move. It is included separately in file, I do not embed them.

Special thanks and Contribs:

Tony Cossio – Source Map Maker Srb2Espyo – Original Minecraft Map Archanor – Games and Blimp ride/Props


Prior permission for map port was granted by Srb2Espyo. I have gotten temporary permission from Archanor about using his blimp concept and Mario game (version 2 will hopefully have Zelda minigame instead).

Loot Island:

Originally I had LonLon ranch from an old G-Mod ported over, but decided to put loot island. I wanted to create my own, but due to Source SDK being broke, and the need to have this map ASAP, I took it off an old template I had. Not sure if it came from eyeduct or another map, so don’t hate.

Map runs great, but I’m sure optimization could be better. I had Spawn rooms, but there was a lot of camping, even with block bullets and no-entry. So I made random spawn points. Seems legit.


If you need the original files, message me.

I had to compile without T-Junc fix so I would appreciate any help fixing the issue. I tried for hours to get it working, including making / removing items that were func_detail. It works and looks good so I won’t worry about it.
If you are going to release YOUR OWN version please leave the tags on there. If you want to edit the tags you may remove my Server Name and add yours, but keep mine and Srb2Espyo’s name on it.

Non-Official releases look like this:

<game type>_minecraft_skyloft_<version - your initials>

Do not use “V” or “B”. That is reserved for official and Beta releases. Instead use your initials:


Please courtesy copy any changes you make, we may use it as an official release.

Comment on any changes you think should be included in release v2.


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