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by DJive on 09-24-2008


cp_shabbytown_beta2 (11.55 MB)

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Author: NSR Blade (Uploaded by Open Blade)
Date Added: 09-24-2008
Downloads: 455
File Name: cp_shabbytown_beta2 (11.55 MB)
Grade: A-


A medium sized fast paced 5 CP map. There is a cap layout map on the wall in each spawn room. 2 seperate spawn rooms at each base to help prevent spawn camping, as well as a forward spawn room for which ever team controls the center control point. It has been tested on my clan server and it is action packed for sure. It's not a huge map where you might run for a full minute before even seeing another person. I used the space well. There are no bottlenecks. Each class was effective, it was not dominated by one certain class.

Feedback is always welcome. A final version will be worked on. Mostly some lighting adjustments, a few more models and details.

Thread Discussion

09-24-2008 at 04:05 PM
Purdy... Will try out out tonight on my hosts.


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