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Default Where In The GCF Are The Weapon Selection Icons For Unlockables?

I get really annoyed at how the weapon slot icons for the unlockables are so inconsistent with the "standard" weapon icons. Instead of a nice, clean, even artistic sprite, you get these hideous un-anti-aliased screenshots that look like they were taken out of the Model Viewer.

Oh, and you also get the cheesy subtitle that tells you what the weapon is. I don't really care, except that it's inconsistent with the other weapon icons. Yes, I'm OCDish about this sort of thing.

So I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find these icons in the GCFs? I intend to make some replacement icons more consistent with the standard weapon icons (I'll probably use the "artwork" of these weapons whenever I can find them, such as the images featured on the class update websites).

I've found the standard ones in the team fortress 2 materials.gcf in the "sprites" subdirectory, they begin with the prefix bucket_.

However, I can't for the life of me find the unlockable ones! Does anybody know where they might be?
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