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Default Just make TF3 a Grordbort game

Originally Posted by Mr. Wimples View Post
Super Monday Night Combat is pretty gosh-darned excellent even in beta, I highly recommend trying to get into the beta if you liked the original MNC, which has been basically dead for a while now (unfortunately).
Speaking of which, if anyone needs a beta invite I've got three sitting around. Hit me up in a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send it to you via Steam.
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Default Just make TF3 a Grordbort game

I honestly can't play with all the lasers-- too much lag. (The typical argument of "upgrading my pc" is not valid considering that every other game in existence doesn't lag with my build).

I'm all for new content, but if it's unoptimized crap, then it really doesn't feel right.

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Default Just make TF3 a Grordbort game

So, what you're saying is, any time Valve feels like doing a collab with another company, it is "another game worthy". HEY GUYS! COMMUNITY FORTRESS 3! ALL COMMUNITY MADE CONTENT! Since most of the weapons are community made at this point... it only seems right, from what you're saying. Companies work with each other all the time. Very dissapointed in this thread.

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