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Default I interviewed with Valve today

Originally Posted by IrishTaxIDriver View Post
Mostly level design, some game. Environment design is mostly artist territory here, where they can make the materials and models they need to fill a space. I share a quad cube with 3 artists and they're pretty cool and wacky. I'd love to post something where I can answer questions / whatnot but I don't think I've been here long enough to be of any help to anyone.

I've been so used to Radiant for the past half a year that I shudder thinking of how terribly my Hammer skills have degraded.
You should do something here. I'm probably not the only person who has questions.


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Default I interviewed with Valve today

Do an AMA! Or something on this site.

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Default I interviewed with Valve today

Originally Posted by absurdistof View Post
Youme have you ever considered Digipen?
I'm in the UK, I couldn't afford relocating AND going to study cause my visa wouldn't allow me to work on the side of studies.

Frozen your 'minor derailment' kinda put the thread back on track, the amnesia talk was more off topic.

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