Map Version: Beta 
Type: PL
Released: 02-17-2012 
Last Update: 04-22-2012 
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My dynamic payloady thingy

not much to say yet, except that it's got some roll zones and an elevator.
i'm gonna be setting up something else too if i can get it to work. fingers crossed

- that something else is the underworld. the cart may enter the realm of the damned during a match. so be prepared for much fun and chaos


- made the underworld event be a maximum of 1 occurance per round (primarily due to the cart's asthetic bug where the cart gets locked to an incorrect angle on subsequent underworld visits)
- misc. minor detailing
- shifted the window over the final area slightly
- reduced the damaged cap in underworld to 6 (from 8)
- added 2 mins to the maximum time

- removed the drop down and opened up the window of the flank near the final point
- fixed a visible no-draw near cp3
- rebuilt blue spawnroom to facilitate better flow towards cp1
- added a short ramp near the rollback area so blue can have highground advantage
- removed the ammo/health from the shed near blue spawn

- changed damage model of the underworld to double w/ forgiveness (staying in the underworld longer makes it do more damage, up to a max of 8 per second) - this should make it harder for defenders to lock down the underworld
- added a shooting range for blue spawnroom
- added details to blue forward spawn
- added a doors to the cp3 loading-bay building to restrict access until cp2 is capped
- the flanking path to the barn near cp2 now opens once cp1 is capped to allow blue an additional flanking path
- the lower path connecting the roll-forward and cp2 areas is now always open.
- red spawnroom's 2nd exit is locked until cp2 is capped
- added a small medkit on the walkway above cp1 to help attackers hold the window (suggested by wilson)

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I send these to you on steam already but here goes anyway.

Warning: Shitty writing and drawing ahead that has been done when extremely tired.

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Your whole initial BLU spawn exit is horribly cramped and very easily camped. There's little room to move around and RED controls all the high ground, some of it directly outside of 2 different exits.

Not only should the spawn be pushed back and probably given a higher exit (maybe a route that goes over the track dead ends on the lefthand side, to the house where I left a marker about splash damage), but you need to make the immediate buildings in the area larger on the inside.

Here is a good example

You've got a ton of room here to make this not a tiny hallway (which everyone has been complaining about for both revisions now). Please do it. Many places in the map are impossible to navigate without running into some kind of explosive damage or bumping a spy. I don't see any scout players, ever.

You mentioned you might move BLU's forward spawn up a bit. I highly recommend against this. The problem with RED pushing back to CP3 isn't that the spawn is too far, it's that RED has direct control of the area even after CP3 is capped. It's mostly due to this area:

I feel like you actually added more clutter to this, which is the worst thing. You've got a situation where this is the only viable flank to get to the sentry spot across the tracks on the large platform, but at the same time, it's a tiny fucking room where anyone can spam down on you as you run through and dodge tiny boxes. Enemies will shoot at your feet through the partially closed doors and you can't do anything about it. Not only can RED players come from in front of you (through the tiny door, or up the tiny stairs and from the tiny platform) but they can come from behind you, too! Look at this! Even after CP3 is capped, this door is left open for RED to come through directly from spawn. This room is your problem here, not BLU spawn placement. It certainly doesn't help that you've added railings everywhere like this which just make moving around more annoying. My advice? Take the narrow box room and remove the boxes, RED's flank from spawn (leaving the one from the stairs at the end) and raise the doors all the way. It will take more than that, but it's a start.

Finally, there's this area which is confusing to navigate before and after capping. BLU tends to just camp this door during the cap, too, which isn't much fun for either team. Truthfully I'd remove the entire turn around idea and straighten the track out, although I think finding a solution to this would be more interesting.

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// notes on lighting a note on splash damage a note on bots
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FYI, the sign I posted an annotation on... I came in partway through the round and thought the cart started at that one place and looped around, hence the sign pointing the "wrong" way. Turns out the sign really is just pointing the wrong way and should probably be removed.

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This was hilarious last night. The underworld thing was awesome, good job.

That said, I have a few overall thoughts:

1. The entire map felt way too monochromatic. I realize it's not anywhere near finished yet, but maybe a little bit more color? Somehow?

2. A few of the paths felt a little bit too narrow/long. The areas leading up to the final point (before the point) especially. I don't have any concrete suggestions about how to open things up a tad...I'd like to play it a few more times first.

3. The ammo placement in some areas was an Engineer's wet dream. Others, nightmare. Example: there's a room just behind the fence at A, in which there is a large ammo box. Just a few steps behind it and around a corner, is a medium ammo box. But in other places, like nearer to the final point, I only was finding small ammo boxes.
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just an eye candy update:

i've also been addressing the gameplay issues too. (ammo placement, underworld probability, etc)
this map's taking more time than i expected it to :-/

this was a note here, i'm making a triumph, big headcrab.
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Just wanted to let you know I had our server admin add this to our server so I can bring it up next time we play. It was fun last time I played it during the gametest, so I'll be sure to report back to you on how it goes.


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You may want to move the underworld a little lower. while i was testing the map a bunch of spirits (the things in eyeaducts netherworld) came out of the ground.

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Based on Wilson's ideas I have taken the following screenshots. The first few are from BLU's perspective, the final ones are from RED's.

RED's perspective:

Epic shot, for posterity's sake.

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You haven't actually explained what the white squares are.

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