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City - Brick and Concrete Textures 

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Type: Texture
Released: 02-28-2012 
Last Update: 02-28-2012 
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Default City - Brick and Concrete Textures

I made quite a few textures for my map szf_cityhunter and decided to release it as a pack. Included is 40 textures and 2 models, 33 of which are simply .vmt's with adjusted $color2 values, meaning these files are cheap to include in your map without bloating up the size.

40 textures and 2 models

Brick Textures: 28
Concrete Textures: 5
Construction Textures: 3
Duplicates of Original Textures: 4

Some in-game screenshots:

-Most textures you can only view in the "textured" view. They will not appear in "shaded polygons" view.
-Window textures are not high quality. Better to use actual windows if it is close to the player.

All textures and models made by Robert Hasselle (bob+M|M+)

Valve for making the original textures. for making the original construction pack textures.

Thanks to Penguin for poking me to release this.


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I have a use for these already. Thanks for posting these!

EDIT: here's something I thought was hilarious:
Released: 02-28-2012
Last Update: 02-27-2012
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Oh hey, does that fire escape have a collision mesh?


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fire escape does not have collision mesh, nor does it have correct texture specularity. Still kind of new to modeling and learning how to do that stuff

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If I ever feel like making an urban-themed map for TF2, I'll be sure to use this set.

gray text
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