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Default Bad fellowship will not be tolerated.

Due to recent isolated events between members, I am re-bumping this.

Seems I need to keep reminding some of this every few months or so. One of the biggest rules we have on this forum is a very simple one.

Dont be a dick to others. Dont like their work? Dont post. Have some criticism? Great, make it useful and not just bash a mapper and his work.

One of the two things that can earn you a ban here is spam, and bad fellowship. If you were banned, you were guilty of one or the other.

We really dont see this problem around here much, but some people do tend to get inflated egos and go off on a tangent in a thread which ends up as flaming the mapper or anyone else for that matter.

Again, that will not be tolerated here.

If you're banned, learn your lesson and no hard feelings. Just ride it out and come back with a better attitude.



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