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Default Rage [spoilers]

So I just finished it.

What the heck just happened O.o

Really id, you created fps gaming, how can you fail so bad at ending a game of a genre you gave birth to..

Here's what went wrong:
  1. No ramp up in difficulty - The hardest thing about the final mission was getting there, I did a mad dash out of my car since it was taking a pounding but the battles inside the base were the piss-easiest in the whole game
  2. They give you a BIGFUCKINGGUN and then you don't even need it. I used the spangley new Authority pulse rifle, wasn't ever short on ammo (literally had THOUSANDS of bullets for every other gun) It just made mincemeat of every enemy.
  3. Then they gave you BFG rounds, I ended up with 8 or so, never even got to use them. The BFG rounds alluded to a BIGFUCKINGBOSSBATTLE which never occured. I still don't know what those super-duper-awesome-explosiontastic rounds actually do.
  4. The 'final battle' was easier than literally every other battle in the entire game. Didn't defib once. What.
  5. Absolutely zero ramp up in tension, the characterless husks of NPCs sending me on quests kinda bigged up the mission saying no one ever went there and came back, but they pretty much failed at making me think it was a big deal. I didn't realise this was the climax of the game. Then I just walked straight in, no problems at all.
  6. PUSH BUTTON TO ROLL CREDITS. Really... really id? That's how it ends.. I push a button get a nicely rendered but painfully short cinematic then credits roll..

So the game is pretty much on the downhill after you get to subway town, I was expecting a miriad of new quests in the new area and a whole load of game seemed to be on offer but it never materialised then it slowly peters out and just gives up, the bridge mission was wtf level boring (and easy) then I return back to base and the only thing to do is this final assault where they gave me such a powerful new gun that it's just a cake walk.

I almost didn't use the new pulse rifle to save ammo for the expected end boss. I'm glad I didn't bother.

Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting something amazing, but I wasn't expecting such a sudden end. I thought I'd push that button then the platform would rise up and there'd be some super-mech or another giant mutant to fight then I'd be able to send the signal and trigger the end.

The Evolution of quality from Doom 3 to RAGE to Doom 4 leaves me really not wanting to bother with it at all.

Man all of the three games I've finished in the last two weeks have had good to excellent gameplay and mid-game then all of them have had the most shitty endings imaginable. What's with that game devs? (DXHR, ME3, RAGE)

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Default Rage [spoilers]

Time between Doom 3 and RAGE is kind of a long time. Gaming has changed A LOT since then.

Even though id may have created fps gaming, does not mean they can keep up with it.

EDIT: Even though I haven't played RAGE yet, I read this anyways. Rage is on my "Get when it's on sale or I get money from a contest or something" list.


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Default Rage [spoilers]

I will buy it for 5 dollars. Call me cheap.
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Default Rage [spoilers]

I won't call you cheap, but I will call you minimum wage.
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