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Default Engie Rocket Jumping

Remember that the wrangler's auto-aim and range boosting make it shitty to fight at long range, let alone from a poor defensive position.

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Default Engie Rocket Jumping

Nucleus. Nucleus has the spot above the interior rooms which you can wrangle jump to and then get a view of the entire middle area.

It's not overpowered, the huge disadvantage to the wrangler is you can only be focusing on one person at a time. Soldiers and demoman can easily take it out.

Stop worrying about the wranger and just do nothing, seriously. 90% of the time an engie won't even try to get up there, the other 10% it won't be gamebreaking, and if it is, then you don't have enough flanks or cover, and that's the map's problem, not the sentry position.


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Default Engie Rocket Jumping

Originally Posted by Tarry H Sruman View Post
Why did you ask for advice if you're just going to refuse to follow it?
Advising someone to cop out isn't advice.
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Default Engie Rocket Jumping

Originally Posted by Aki View Post
Advising someone to cop out isn't advice.
Blindly following a mantra like "never use nobuild" isn't map design.

Nobuild is a tool, not a cop out. It's meant to be used. I don't know if it's appropriate in your map, and I don't care. I'm saying don't be scared to use it because you keep hearing not to use it, or because you think building on a 1 HU clip on the side of a cliff or in the out of bounds area is a "map secret."


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