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Default [Help] "Cutting"

Cutting brushes is relatively cheap, don't worry about polygon totals on your world geometry. Props and details, down the road, will be a much bigger drain on your fps.

So slice and dice all you need to get stuff to fit.
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Default [Help] "Cutting"

Alright, thank you a lot, Crash.

@xzzy Thank you also!
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Default [Help] "Cutting"

No problem. Just so you know, generally the Mapping Discussion forum is the best place to ask for help, this is more for requesting specific things like models or materials.

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Default [Help] "Cutting"

Also, you can get answers quicker, and from more people, by asking in the Steam group chat.
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Default [Help] "Cutting"

Also, it's usually better to build rather than cut. Especially when you're making something like the ground, which is going to be broken up into a zillion pieces anyway.

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