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Default Housematch


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I've started to work with this map quite long ago, and originally I made this for myself and perhaps for fun purposes. But now since the map became quite large and complex I feel like it's the right time to release it.

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Default Housematch

Well, I found it quite fun and this map originally made for fun purposes.
I think it's still playable because you're not forced to use those moving platforms.
Okay, I can totally understand everything that article mentions, but I still think I can break those "rules" in order to create a creative but less efficient map I admit that.
ALOT of "I's" around here. very bad. This works in any type of work that requires you to give something to other people and label it as a product of your creation. What YOU want isn't what other people want. If the majority group says "Yeah, this platform doesn't work with this sightline or this forward spawn" and you disagree and don't change it, you'll have some serious issues getting along with the people that support the map and provide some critisim.

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Default Housematch

Here's a tip. Go to a balloon racing map and play as a sniper. After playing rounds of it, think about your map. Now you will know your problem with a sniper-only map.
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