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Type: Model
Released: 07-02-2011 
Last Update: 07-01-2011 

Default Train Pack

A few people expressed interest in me digging out the files for this, since I never actually released it. So here.

I'm also releasing the source files since I know for a fact there are significantly better texture artists here than me, who can do a better job, so you all have the ability to do so.

Source files can be found here. (I couldn't find the Tro-tim models :/)

Honestly the only train I'm particularly satisfied with is the EMD (tf2 train remake), but if you like the others that's great.

The GE and Tro-tim trains have outright HORRIBLE textures, but since I've lost interest in this game I probably will never redo them, but feel free to do so yourselves.



Models/Textures/UVs by Selentic
Logos by Harpo
Animations by ICEE
Neuro helped with uvs/baking/subd
Trotim helped with some map baking

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Default Train Pack

These will make a great addition to traingrid!


^^^click here!^^^

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Default Train Pack

The Grapeway texture is actually pretty nice man. Quite tempted to have a punt at making some textures for these. Thanks for sharing.

pl_clifftop - cp_cruff - ctf_chicane - cp_triplet - koth_triplet
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Default Train Pack

Nice! This will be a nice addition to stock train models. Thanks
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