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Default windmill

Hey guys! I've played Team Fortress 2 since release, but I've only recently gotten into mapping for it. I'm going against the rules and releasing my first map. I started learning how to map around February with this map and built onto it until it made an actual map. Since I started with this map, it had a very rickety foundation, so overall it was a very sloppy map that I just wanted to get over with.
arena_windmill is meant to be an extremely fast paced arena map with a unique sense behind it. I suggest playing with no more than 16 people, but any amount will work. I think that this map is unique because the focal point of it isn't necessarily the capture point, and there's a large amount of health packs.
Mapping was a lot of fun and this community seems very friendly and professional, so I hope I can keep contributing. Thanks!


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There is already map called Windmill so you should get yourself a new map name.

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Whoops, my bad. I searched but I guess I wasn't thorough enough.
Do you mean this: ?
Any new ideas for catchy map names? I can't really think of any apart from mill or tower.
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Mill is taken and tower probably is also.

Really, the name is the least of your worries.
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You could call it arena_kernel

... Or something else related to whatever purpose the mill has

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I'm very bored at school at the moment, so i just want to offer some help here.

I think that this map is unique because the focal point of it isn't necessarily the capture point,
The focal point of any area with a capture point is the capture point. It's what players pay attention to, where the thickest fighting happens, and the key landmark players use to help navigate. I can think of one exception to this rule in the entire game, and that's badwater B, where the sentry position above the point is more important than the point itself.

Arena can kind of get away with making the focal point and the capture point seperate, although it tends not to. This map is way too wide and short however. Players leaving spawn will run directly into enemy sightlines and combat, way before reaching the windmill. Most arena maps have a central building and a yard around it to circle in. You could make the windmill the central building, and put the point outside on the circle. Players will then either move through or around the windmill to meet the other team, though the final fight will still likely be on the point.

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The design looks ok for a fast arena map except for no decoration or small hints that there was ever life.
I see you have decal but try props as well.
Notice the water cooler, and the fish, and the map, exc.
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