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Released: 05-02-2012 
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Default Lockdown

(The only other maps with the name 'Lockdown' appear to be ctf, but if you know of any please let me know so I can change the name.)

In Lockdown, the doors around the point open and close depending on who owns it. Defenders are funnelled through the large main doors and most of their side routes are lengthened, whereas the attacker's main route is closed and all of their side routes are shortened.

I mostly made this to try to kick my habit of not testing things early in development, which has been very detrimental to many of my projects, my Dynamic Payload contest included.

  • ABS for the gametype library


-Added lighting
-Added optimisation and proper skybox walls.

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Try using more colors for dev textures. You can use blue and red for the different bases and gray/white for the floors/ceiling. Use orange textures sparingly. Otherwise just finish up the things you mentioned, and throw this up for a gameday.
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Oh god, fullbright! Hurts my eyes ;_;

Kick in some lighting and i might just test it out

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Updated. Now has proper optimization and lights.

Currently working on: pl_powerpack
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