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Default [ETF2L Contest WIP] CP ASH RIDGE

Ah, really? Flubber, did you mean frustrating for defense? I need a bit more detail on how the proximity affects gameplay, as I hadn't noticed a problem myself.

Keep the feedback coming guys. In the meantime, I thought it'd be neat to look at how much-and how little- the map's changed from dev to detail:

Note in the third shot, the gap in the sniper fences exists in the covered bridge's fallen planks.

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Default [ETF2L Contest WIP] CP ASH RIDGE

Speaking of your third shot, this is just a small thing I noticed. In your skybox, the mountains which are behind your trees show up clearer than the faded out trees :-D

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Default [ETF2L Contest WIP] CP ASH RIDGE

Wow, so much more detail, and still staying perfectly faithfully to the geometry!

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