Map Version: Alpha 
Type: CP
Released: 09-27-2012 
Last Update: 09-27-2012 
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Default sunbelt

A single stage A/D map with a fully functioning layout and entity system ( some spawn points are broken) One spawn for each team, which will probably change.

The pipe from granary last.
8000 illustrious units total length.
A last point that's probably really hard to defend.
Existent transitions between point areas.
Hanging pianos.


No changes yet.

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Default sunbelt

This looks kind of excessive in terms of height variation and routes for such a small area. It's like a maze. I highly suggest simplifying this after a test. It looks like that's the BLU spawn room on the left?, so it might be alright. Still, I would watch the demo a few times and see what players in the area do.

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// notes on lighting a note on splash damage a note on bots
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