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Default Actually Quitting

It's been an incredible 2 years!

This site has been a great place to discuss mapping and level design in general, and I'm grateful to all the mods and community members who've supported it so that I can in turn use it!

I've made many many friends through tf2m, people I'll probably play with for many years to come. I wish you all luck in your endeavors til I return, have fun and pump out those contest maps! You all know who you are!

I'm leaving for 4 months to study abroad, and as I had to work very hard to fund it I have sworn off most diversions like mapping to focus on the experience. I'll be retiring from mapping for at least that period and probably longer.

The latest contest has really shown off how much our community members have grown over time, and although I started the contest off in mock confidence I am now really confident that we'll see a number of very pretty, well balanced and fun maps that will really outshine my own! However I must submit what I was able to get done, so check out my thread http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?p=136636 for the version of Wildfire I have just now submitted to the contest judges. Keep up the good work guys! Wish I could have contributed more in the past few months...

So that's about it, <3 you all and hopefully I'll be able to check in once in awhile to see what's up I leave in 10 hours for the orient~~~~ Peace!

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Default Actually Quitting

Omnomnom, orient? Have fun, we'll miss you (even though I'm not really as familiar with you as with the other mappers )

Good luck!

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Default Actually Quitting


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Default Actually Quitting

I am </3'ed to see you go

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Default Actually Quitting

Hope you get the best experience possible out of your opportunity. And hope you come back here sooner rather than later.

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Default Actually Quitting

Sounds like a great plan, I hope you get to enjoy yourself over there! If I had the chance to do the same I would, so good on ye.

As for mapping, you've been around forever. Will be a little wierd with you gone from the (lack of a better word) 'scene'. You can definitely be proud of what you've released.

Good luck!

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Default Actually Quitting

Bye mangy!

I will miss you, but atleast I will always have baby mangy :]
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Default Actually Quitting

We'll have a party escort ready for you're return, along with any other self-proclaimed quitters.
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Default Actually Quitting

Don't stay away too long! I stepped away from mapping for five years, and yeah, that screwed me over a lot.

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Default Actually Quitting

Bye Mangy! You've been an incredible member of the community and helped a lot of us, especially me, over the past two years reach new levels of achievement in mapping.

Farewell and thanks for your support!


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