Map Version: Release Candidate 
Type: PL
Released: 01-03-2012 
Last Update: 07-12-2012 
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Default Alpen

pl_alpen is a one stage payload map using the alpine theme.

Current Version: RC1

Map Overview (2MB) (RC1)

More Images:

I've been working on this since Summer 2011, this is also the reason why there a some major layout problems that can't be fixed, except by recreating the whole thing.

This is the first map that I show to the public.
In half of the development progress I thought about scraping it and continue with a new one.
But I decided to finish it,because I want to prove myself that I'm able to do so.

The name "alpen" basically means "alps" in german.

Thanks to all testers.
Special Thanks:
PlazaKampfkater HassoCacao
BarracudaHannihalferOnkel Pyro
MangyCarface, for his great Frontier Essay.
bob+M|M+ for some great feedback.
takkYu (Schlachtfestchen) for testing.
GHQ Community for testing.
Big thanks to eerieone for helping me with optimization and file size.

And of course YOU, for reading this and for giving me some feedback.


Public Release on TF2M (Beta1)

01/08/2012 - Beta2
- fixed serval (sniper-)sightlines
- replaced the building near CP3
- minor track modifications to fit the new buildings
- general disadvantage for red (balance)
- many minor bugs
- oneway spawngate in red愀 first spawn can now opened from outside

01/09/2012 - Beta2a
- no geometry changes
- fixed some gameplay breaking bugs
- small tweaks and balance changes

02/16/2012 - Beta3 (just released to some servers)
- balance changes

03/25/2012 - Beta4c
- optimization (finally)
- new spawn for red (segment 2 and 3)
- more detail
- changed final a bit

07/12/2012 - RC1
- much fps optimization (thanks eerieone)
- much more detail
- file size optimization (55mb->46mb)
- fixed that CPs wasn't capped after the cart passed

- made the area around final a bit wider
- balance changes on CP1/3/4

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Default Alpen

Reminds me of Lumberyard c:

The detailing is nice, though I'm wondering why there is a minecart in the second screenshot.

gray text
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Default Alpen

Originally Posted by SirRaffi View Post
Reminds me of Lumberyard c:
Lumberyard was my reference.

About that minecart, just part of the detail. You can愒 see it on the screenshot but it愀 plausible that it is located there.
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Tarry H Sruman
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Default Alpen

That detailing is really nice, I'm particularly a fan of the skybox.
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Default Alpen

Looks nice so far. I was waiting for a good alpin themed payload map I'll give it a try!

My TF2 Server Community (lots of custom maps running)
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Default Alpen

Looks good man, get it in a gameday and let's see how it plays

Lift Off!
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Tom Hoen
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Default Alpen

The second screenshot shows long straight line to push the cart and it seems to be very good position for snipers. Otherwise looking very nice.


I tested it alone and saw couple of things as problems. Althought these impressions came from running alone and withour opponens so real battle situations may vary. Some of these are simply basic mistakes.

Map seems to have many resource cabinets and in blue starting base the wrong cabinet opens as I'm standing here.

Scary dark corner in blue base.

Little bit hard to get over this rock. If I would run straight where I'm pointing I'd hit invisible wall.

Invisible wall. I know now that it is border of the map but I wouldn't know it without hitting it fist.

Good sniper position perhaps.

It's really hard to tell that I can't go through this door and I have to go around it from the right behind this wooden wall.

Sightline straight to the blue second spawn. Can become a problem.

Second dark corner near 3rd point.

Huge straight line and sightline for snipers and defenders. May become a problem as defenders will most likely run through this door.

I can see all blue spawn doors from one position = Easy to defend and no room to flank as attacker. Also should that window be see through or is it working right? Also tiny mistake in the logo as "industries" is missing tiny bit of its bottom.

I hope my effort is helpful and not seen as flames. I tried to be constructive with this post. And the maps looks great!

__________________ Portfolio
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Default Alpen

Thanks Tom, some things I already know.
But also some new and great stuff.
Sightlines are the mainproblem I think.
But it愀 good to have some other peopls opinion, for example the 4th image, i really thought this is clear.

I惻l fix what I can in B2.
Big Thx.
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Default Alpen

This map is beautiful! Downloading as we speak.

Might host it some times on my server!
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Default Alpen

very nice good job
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