Map Version: Release Candidate 
Type: PL
Released: 07-21-2010 
Last Update: 07-15-2013 
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Default Angkor

PL_Angkor is a 3 stages payload map (goldrush like) with some CP in stage 2 and 3 to allow the cart to continue moving on its path.

After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so they quickly decided to just blow up everything ...
They'll need to bring their explosive-filled cart from their plane, to the temple entrance up to the top of the temple and drop it into the sacrifice pit !


Changelog :
RC1 :
- updated end of round C (some gameplay and art tweaks)
- fixed possibility to build in round B red spawn area
- updated clipping (fixing some places where players could leave the gameplay area)
- fixed a rare bug (hopefully) where the round would not end after the cart fall in the final pit
- various custom textures and models update
- fixed some texture alignment
- slightly decreased some timers
- fixed cart camera

Beta 4 :
- fixed intermediate spawn in last stage
- fixed some minor visual stuff (fade distance, payload tracks, etc...)
- fixed a rare bug where the payload would fall/explode at the end without the game acknowledging that the cart reached the end

Beta 3 :
- reworked end of stage A so that it's more balanced and interesting
- some heavy rework on stage B
- added intermediate spawn room for BLU in stage C
- slightly reduced some distances and heights in stage C
- tons of small changes everywhere (tweaking some covers, some new paths, etc...)
- general visual overhaul
- tweaked some cap/setup/rounds timers
- small changes to the rollback zones (cart will not recede anymore after passing it entirely one time, cart slightly quicker than before when climbing these zones)
- removed possibility to shoot stickies/rockets in some spawn rooms (when skicky/rocket jumping and shooting above wall)
- tweaked ammo and health pickups
- fixed lift bug on stage C
- added a few signs
- added missing spawn room blocker for blu spawn in stage B
- updated overlays color under health pickups (to differenciate ammo and health pickup overlays)
- updated clipping
- increased waterfall extinguishing area size
- tweaked plane to avoid some collision issues
- various optimizations for performance and file size

Beta 2 :
- updated layout in last section of the map to have more possibilities
- updated lighting to avoid having too dark areas
- fixed collision bug with the plane
- art updates on temple buildings and structure
- tweaked ammo and health pickups (less pickups now, transformed some big into medium pickups, ...)
- some clipping work around doors and windows
- updated 3d skybox
- some optimization

Beta 1 :
- slight gameplay layout changes for round B and C
- added some rollback and rollforward zones
- art pass on rounds that were still in dev textures (B and C)
- added some new props to replace old brush details
- added/tweaked soundscapes, HDR, fog, clipping, lighting, ...
- fixed known bugs
- some optimization

Alpha 4 :
- round B and C entirely reworked
- some optimization on round A
- no more dark areas
- fixed spawn room volumes and missing resupply lockers
- fixed various bugs

Alpha 3 :
- art pass (lighting, custom props and textures, detailing, ...) on first stage
- tweaked layout to allow more possibilities for both teams
- some optimization on stage 1

Alpha 2 :
- no more stage 3 to only test first stages
- updated layout to add more possibilies, have more coherent spaces, break some big line of sight
- change CP mechanism on stage 2 to something more simple

Alpha 1:
- first version with every stages and CP gameplay on stage 2 and 3

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I love this theme! the tree roots really kick ass


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Oh deng.

This looks fantabulous!~


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Throw this up on a gameday? Those screens have me itching to give it a try!
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My TF2 in Angkor, Wat?

Don't hurt me. It had to be said.

Looking good though!

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Looks nice!
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It looks amazing! I love the style.


A few detailing problems I can see though, like the tracks squashed up a bit going up the hill. Also you may want to look at the corners of buildings and align the textures so you don't get those L shaped bricks. Also perhaps a few more roots.

But for an Alpha it looks all kinds of amaze!


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Oh my, Stage A looks awesome, can't wait to see what you will do with B and C
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Well that is definatly a nice looking map however I feel that it's just too grey. I know it's the theme but maybe add a red stripe along some walls or something to add some variety in the walls. Other than that it looks fantastic and I can't wait to paly it


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