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So i decided that i may actually become motivated to participate in this contest if I went and quickly shoved a map together and put up a page for it... So here is cp_mere_a1.

It'll hopefully become a three stage control point map like dustbowl, based on a track which heads up from a swamp (thank you swamp pack guys) to a secret base hidden in the hillside (because who would ever look for an ominous secret base in a swamp... EDIT: thank you construction pack guys) but as of now i've only got the first part done in dev textures.

I haven't managed to get a play-test yet to see if it plays at all, i might sign it up for a game test or try and get it in an impromptu. The map is a little bigger than what I usually make so I'm unsure about sightliness and stuff like that.

I'm unsure if i've packed everything right so if someone without the swamp pack could check and post back I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any criticism at all so thanks everyone who can have a go and get back to me on my map.


a1 - Initial Release [stage 1 only]

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B seems to be too close to RED spawn, A has a huge drop right before it, and both are very tight.

Oh, and anybody who owns TF2 can't have the Swamp Pack not installed - it's in the .gcf (sans the skyboxes, particles, and a few other things).

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Hey all, unfortunately i had to leave right at the start of my maps turn on the impromptu today so I didn't get much time to see any of the problems. If anyone remembers anything other than the stuff on the feedback plug-in such as layout and balance, I'd really appreciate it if you could post it up.

Will someone please change my name??? Also - contest entry: cp_mere_a1
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Default mere

The map is way too cramped, there is props on the way or the areas are just really small, good example of this is whole blue spawn, it is easily spammed because it is so cramped and blue gets stuck inside their spawn. The first point is also really easy to miss, all setup gates point at the hill that leads to second point instead of the first point, two first rounds both attacking teams tried to attack second point first by accident.

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