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Map Version: Beta 
Type: KotH
Released: 04-01-2013 
Last Update: 03-31-2014 

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A mysterious suicidal cult to an entity known only as "Train God" has been discovered in an abandoned industrial hazardous materials compound. We're not sure what they were doing or why they were doing it, but we do know that we want whatever it is that they have. The dirty hippies have been driven from their homeland and into the desert where they belong. The only thing left to do is decide which team gets to claim the weird hazardous facility as their own.

Red and Blu have taken part of the compound as their own and it's up to you to stumble your way through the literal death trap of a work environment and capture that point! The hippies were kind of encouraging the last part, but never mind that. Sign this release form...

  • Trains!
  • Saws!
  • Lasers!
  • Dirty hippy Graffiti! Smell the patchouli still in the carpet!
  • Patented Train Rain™ technology!
  • More environmental deaths than you can count or even realize are there!
  • Bad-ass voice over work! Your maps don't have that! Suck it!
  • Sacrifice counter! Keeps tally of all your noble sacrifices to the hippy god thing that is probably a big deal to someone!
  • Sacrifice milestone events! Die 100 times, get rewarded! Science!
  • Proven dev texture aesthetics! Wow! Look at that detail!
  • Alcohol influenced design decisions!
  • Signs that lie!
  • Acid-Toxic-Waste-Stuff... It glows and hurts! Swim in it!(beware of sharks)
  • Sadistic level design! Fuck you, players!
  • Totally seasonal pumpkin bombs!
  • Fucks-Given Counter™ updated in real time!
  • Dizzying spectator cameras!
  • Professional-grade clipping! Feel the smooth transitions! Stuck? It's your own fault!
  • Engineer enraging nerfs! Haha!
  • Spells! Which one do you have, you ask? Fuck if I know!

BZ2 Download for Server Owners

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Engineer Counter by Washipato


April 1st
Release Candidate 1
-Completely revamped audio entity system, saving a lot of entdata. This should solve ALL server crashing issues and allow the server to run on 32 player servers smoother. This took many hours.
-Restored missing kill trigger section for giant falling train event
-Adjusted sentry nobuilds to cover most of the ramps leading up to mid
-Changed a bunch of the spell books to rare spells
-Changed milestone events so they will not repeat until all have been activated. PickRandom to PickRandomShuffle
-Changed all minion audio lines to PickRandomShuffle as well to eliminate any repeats
-Made electrical hazard into a big fat straight laser hazard, still on a random timer though.
-Optimized lightmaps for smaller filesize
-Increased Kilgore's movement speed
-Restored a couple missing Kilgore lines
-Removed ads

KNOWN BUG: Sometimes lines play when they are not supposed to. This is a side effect of how I had to change the audio system, and I'm not entirely sure if/ when it'll ever get fixed. It's worth it.

Dec 1st
Beta 6
-All kills on the map are now counted on the sacrifice counters.
-Spells books now spawn along with milestone events. Unfortunately which spell you have isn't shown in the HUD. Good luck!
-Drastically optimized kill counting logic.
-Added fail-safe to sacrifice counter to prevent multiple long events happening simultaneously. If you reach another milestone while the current is still going it will wait until it is over before activating.
-Dispensers are now buildable in the center area, but teleporters and sentries are still not.
-Lowered total required capture time to 5 minutes each.
-Fixed a few minor visual issues.
-Hopefully didn't break the map.
-Removed rarely used awkward ramps at center
-Created NAV file for bots and set it up so bots avoid hazards properly
-Adjusted free uber rates in spawn rooms.
-Optimized fucks given counter further.

Beta 5
-Internal testing/ broken version

Sept 28th
Beta 4 Fix
-Fixed the server crash issue
-Drastically optimized entity naming
-Removed wasteful entities (easter eggs, sorry!)
-Cleaned up path_track usage
-Reduced amount of lasers in laser walls
-Optimized fucks given tracking system
-Tiny Train Rain quantity reduced slightly
-Fixed Choo Choo's intro lines playing over each other and one of Lucy's intros being too quiet
-Removed flames next to point
-Reduced volume of minions slightly

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I've been working on this map in between Stoneyridge over the past year since the 2012 April Fools Gameday, testing it on the Penny Arcade community server practically weekly. I've had a ton of fun listening to their reactions with each update and I'm excited to finally get to inflict this map on you guys properly. Hope you guys can find some servers to toss it on and have as much fun as we have with it.



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penny arcade does customs?

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We used to run 3 servers and ironically the only one that survived the community slowing down was our custom map server (House of Non-Conformity.) So we do snag a handful of custom maps now and then to put on there, but we tend to play a lot of regular maps. Just the way the votes end up going.


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Let me be the first to say that the voiceover work is amazing and makes me laugh every time something plays.

Amazing map.


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Bad-ass voice over work! Your maps don't have that! Suck it!
what a tryhard


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Speaking of how badass the voice work is, I intended on posting these too:

All the voice-over lines that play during the map:

A gag-reel I put together of the mess-ups, shenanigans and unused lines we got while recording:

Thanks to [UEAK]Carnage for doing such an awesome job with these. We had a lot of fun recording them, as you can hear in the second clip. That was cut out of almost 2 hours of audio.

My recording chain was a SM57 microphone (it's what we had around) with a pop filter going into a Xenyx 802 mixer which went into an Audiophile 192 audio card. I recorded and edited/ mixed the clips with Audacity.


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I love that even for people who use fancy recording equipment, Audacity is considered just as good of a recording and editing app as the high-end professional stuff.

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If I'm doing something musically I tend to mix in Fruity Loops but something that doesn't require much post production Audacity is more than enough.


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How to play Trainsawlaser


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