Map Version:  
Type: CTF
Released: 06-10-2009 
Last Update: 06-09-2009 

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Default Aurora

Battle underneath the crackling magnetosphere!

(Aurora was developed out of Icefield, and is now in release candidate form. Unlike with Yukon, I do not anticipate ANY major changes to the map at this point- consider it as good as finished.)

Aurora addresses many of these issues and balances gameplay with both optimization and a tight focus of themeing. It may be thought of as a spiritual successor to 2fort!

The map was built with a multitude of play styles in mind, and can hold up to both the sentry farms of 16v16 and the challenges posed by 6v6 gameplay. One of the design criteria was, "How can CTF be made dynamic enough for 6v6 gameplay?"

Gameplay rules:
1. Spawns are located at the back of base, behind capture point.
2. Flags to be carried are located in top floors of lobbies of each base.
3. Intel flags may not be carried backwards into one's own base.
4. Flags return only after 90 seconds. Think of captures as inevitable!
5. Base 7 minutes; 1:30 added for every capture
6. Standard respawns
7. Intel capture results in martyrdom (you can't stick around to camp your foe)
8. Buildings can't be constructed where it's too damp! Don't bother! (uhh except if they're completely underwater )
9. No resupply cabinets! You have to be creative to defend your base well! Lazy defense is not promoted here, no way no how.

Acegikmo- Texturing partner!
Shmitz- Intel bases!
FLOOR_MASTER- Distinguished feedback!
Unnamed Valve employee (don't want to flood him with requests) Entity fixes!!

-Small optimizations
-Graphical tweaks
-Sentries unsappable
-Implemented feature to 'intel blockers' of opposing team
-Spectator cams
-Clipping fixes etc

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Default Aurora

Upload won't be functional until 9:45ish btw

Edit, it's up, sorry for any inconvenience

Visit for tutorials and high-level mapping discussion.
Feel free to PM me for help with anything.
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Default Aurora

Snow is the new desert.

Looks neat, I'll have to give it a try.
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Default Aurora

Preeeety liiiiightsss...
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Default Aurora

How did you prevent the Intel from moving back?
EDIT: Man Mangy you are one smart sun of a gun. Nice work with the Se****** after you cap the point.


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Mmm, hhhyes. indubitably.
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Default Aurora

Looks stunning.. can't wait to test it.

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Default Aurora

i was one of the testers. There are a couple problems that i have noted:
1. Buildings can be built on top of door to cap point. If too many are build there they can block out enemeies from capping.
2. If you are fast ebough, as an engi, you can build a exit on the cap point right before the sentry's kill you. THen build an entrance somewhere near spawn. Your team can insta-cap.

Nineaxis helped witht the 2nd one.

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Default Aurora

Was wondering what was happening with Icefield

Cap area looks amazing
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Default Aurora

Originally Posted by Fire Tock View Post
2. If you are fast enough, as an engi, you can build a exit on the cap point right before the sentrys kill you. Then build an entrance somewhere near spawn. Your team can insta-cap.
I wasn't aware that you could travel on a teleporter with the intel in your possession. Still, the point does have merit to stop griefing.

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Default Aurora

OOoooo, eerieone isn't going to like that I'll be changing my vote...

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